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A Positive Birth Experience Is Possible

About Us

Along our journey of fertility and pregnancy, we realized there is much you don't find out until you're in the thick of it. While unsolicited advice, fear, and an overload of information were abundant; we realized we wanted something different for ourselves. We envisioned a birth experience where there was a sense of intimacy, spiritual connection, and positivity. We researched, trained, connected deeply with our gifts, and achieved our ultimate goal of positive birth or what we call a Blyssful Birth Experience!


Tanai is a certified birth coach, Reiki Master, Womb Wellness Practitioner, and Doula qualified. She hopes to uplift and assist women in tapping into their own power and potential, especially along their journey of motherhood. She believes you have the tools within to create the life of your dreams. It's her goal to help others discover their inner magic to powerfully connect with themselves.

Wesley is a Certified Herbalist, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Life Coach. He believes that your external world is just as important as the internal world and strives to assist others in understanding how they can create balance in their life through herbs, energy work, and self-reflection. His journey to fatherhood showed him the power in connecting deeply with his partner and the divine masculine during pregnancy. He helps new fathers transition into their new role in manhood.


Allow us to assist you along your ideal journey to parenthood!


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Our personal birth experience is our proudest testimonial! Learn from two people that have done it.

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Fertility Support Coaching

While trying to conceive can be a time of great excitement, it can also bring unexpected challenges. Let's explore the process of moving into a state of fertility from a holistic standpoint. Learn the tools you need to elevate your mind, body, and spirit with coaching support along the way.

Prenatal & Birth Support Coaching

Do you dream of an empowering birth experience but are overwhelmed by fear, information overload, and lack of support? Our Blyssful Birth Program can assistance you with planning and preparing for your ideal birth experience; mind, body. and spirit.

Early Parenthood Support Coaching

Navigating life as a new parent can be tricky without a solid support group. Work with an experienced life coach to help you find some much needed balance.



“Tanai and Wes really changed the way we view birth. I never imagined that I could do things MY way and that there were actually ways to make it happen! ”
Alexa B.